ASCO/JOUCOMATIC offers a diverse range of valves for applications with all fluids up to 150 bar. The range is continuously updated to meet new market requirements, including :

- 2 and 3 port, direct and pilot operated, threaded connection (1/8 to 2) and pad-mounted solenoid valves.

- 2 and 3 port pressure-operated, brass, bronze, cast iron, steel and stainless steel body disk valves with threaded ports (3/8 to 2), flanges (nominal pressures PN 16, 25 and PN 40), clamp connections and butt welding stubs.

- 4 and 5 port solenoid air-operated valves.

- special service solenoid valves : for steam, combustion gases, cryogenics, vacuum, dust collector systems, engineering, Namur, proportional, for explosive atmospheres, etc.

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