The clean joints "Chemifit" are pure joints having high corrosion resistance and designated for electronics, semiconductors, medicine, foods, drinking water, chemical and physical analyzing apparatus, gasses and paints which need hight cleanliness of fluids. Available materials are polypropylene (PP), fluoro resin (TEE), and stainless steel (SU316), .User can select the joints suited to various piping systems.

In the semi-conductor industry, the purity of fluids used, such as clean air and ultra-pure water, is a key factor in determining product yield; for this, the quality of the tube used in piping is extremely important. Clean-tube, developed in response to these reuqirement, comes in polyolefin and fluorocarbon resins, in which absolutely no additives are used. Therefore, there is almost no pollution or extract, and the fluid is not contaminated. Also, these resins are resistant to wide chemical fluids including both acid and alkaline solutions. The most appropriate tubing can therefore be selected to match your use.

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